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in Jiaozuo, a city with beautiful scenes and has well-developed transport facilities, Aeolus was founded in 1965, has a total space of 1,300,000 square meters for manufacturing and research & development. Aeolus Tyre ranks #20 among "top 75 global ranking tires" in 2012. Aeolus Tyre stocks (A share) are exchanged at SSE from Oct 21, 2003. The main products of the company consist of “HENAN” brand, “AEOLUS” brand off-the-road Tyre, Radial off-the-road tyre, truck & bus radial tyre, light truck Radial tyre, truck & bus bias tyre, military tyre, industry tyre etc.
AEOLUS has acquired the following important qualifications in the past years:
 1997 China Tyre Product Quality Authorization.
  2000 ISO 9001 Quality System Authorization.
  2000 CNAB Authorization.
  2000 Occupational Safety & Healthy Management Systerm(OHSAS18001) certification.
  2000 DOT Certificate (USA).
  2000 E-MARK Authorization (ECE).
  2001 ISO 9002 Product Quality Certification.
  2002 GS-9000 of TüV (Germany).
  2002 VDA6.1 Quality Management System Authorization of TüV (Germany).
  2002 CCC certifi cation – China Tyre Product Compulsory Certification.
  2003 ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Certification.
  2004 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  2007 ISO/IEC 17025 – 2005 Laboratory Accreditation Certification.
  2008 European Union Noise Certification.
  2009 Certificate for the exemption from export inspection.

AEOLUS has hundreds of engineers and R&D persons who continuously work on product innovations based on signals from the global markets and increase the quality to achieve the latest standards. Our Research Centre not only regularly produces new innovative products, but also serves simultaneously as a national technological centre. All type of it’s tyres are independently tested here. This laboratory supervises the quality and inspection of rubber products in Central China.

Aeolus Tyre is registered worldwide in more than 80 countries and regions. It exports tyres to more than 140 countries and regions in the world.  AEOLUS TYRE (EL-CARIBE) N.V. which has been founded in 2011, aims to expand our markets in the Lartin America, esp. for OFF-THE-ROAD tyres, we guarantee competitive prices,  prompt delivery and preferential payment term